Whether you have a hard day at work in store or a relaxed evening with friends and family planned, it is of utmost importance to look presentable, polished and most importantly absolutely comfortable in your own skin all day long. Which is why when I have a long day of work meetings, catching up with friends and even showing up at social events ahead of me I always make it a point to keep both my clothes and jewellery crisp, clean and non-fussy – ofcourse with an added element of slight fun! Matching pant-suits are so hot right now, especially where the jacket is not very form fitting but rather a bit loose and airy – it’s both comfortable and chic. And the perfect place for me to buy jewellery that will take me from hard-core work vibes to social evenings is Melorra. They have such an extensive list of options categorized according to occasion & even trends and you will find so many sleek, subtle and beautiful pieces that will be appropriate for both work and fun so you don’t have to stress over changing your look. More importantly their pricing is so competitive that you almost always end up with more that what you had wanted in your shopping-cart. I opted for a set of classic, understated-but-with-the-right-amount-of-sparkle earrings with a matching bangle, necklace and ring. All are from the ‘Art-Deco’ collection and are such versatile pieces because you can wear pretty much any outfit with these pieces – even printed stuff like I am. I love how the shine of the diamonds is balanced by the rustic finish on the gold. I’m not the biggest fan of the super-shiny gold finish so this is perfect for my taste.




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