Transgender model Anjali Lama makes history at India’s Lakmé Fashion Week

With solid stage nearness and striking components, 32-year-old Anjali Lama takes a gander at home among the ocean of models at Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai.


Be that as it may, with each progression on the runway, she is impacting the world forever.

Conceived Nabin Waiba, as a kid experiencing childhood in the provincial region of Nuwakot in Nepal, Lama was frequently seriously harassed for having ladylike inclinations.

This week – as Anjali Lama – she turned into the main transgender model to elegance the catwalk at India’s premiere fashion event.

A childhood as Nabin Waiba

Lama has spent the larger part of her life handling separation and partiality.


As a child she was bullied at school, while at home she was pressured to conform to gender stereotypes by her father and brothers.

“I delighted in wearing ladies’ apparel, and at school I generally had female companions. The children at school used to taunt me and say ‘he’s a young lady.’ Then at home, my dad would admonish me, asking ‘what will you do with your life?'”

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At 18 years old, Lama moved to Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu, where her battle with gender orientation character proceeded.

She depicts this period now as “mental torment.”

“I was there for school however worked at a lodging and was terminated on account of my ladylike conduct.
The journey to Lakmé Fashion Week

Lama’s first foray into fashion was inspired by the very community of friends she established once she embraced her transgender identity.

They encouraged her to consider a career in modeling and overcome her identity issues.
“Coming out was a major step for me, so considering a career in modeling seemed like a long shot. But my friends insisted I try it out, and their encouragement made me feel good.”
Lama got her first major break when she was featured on the cover of a Nepali magazine called Voice of Women. Yet she still faced resistance when she tried to develop her career further.

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